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Jinder playing his guitar


Jinder was born in Banbury in 1981. From a young age, he sat with his grandmother at her piano, learning how to play, and age 12, he was given his first guitar.


Early Solo work and Candlefire

From the late 1990's he worked sporadically as a solo artist, before forming the alt rock troupe Candlefire with Dan Minshull, Rick Porter and `Mark McComish.  The band are best remembered for their UK chart single, 'Sorrow Spreads It's Wings' released in 2002.  The single entered the UK Indie Chart at No. 17 and the Mainstream Chart at No. 97.

Following the band's departure from their label in 2003, Jinder left Candlefire to pursue other musical directions.  During his time with Candlefire, Jinder continued his solo work, appearing live in a short solo tour and releasing 'The Dusty Roads EP'.

2003 - 2005

Olas & Jinder

In the summer of 2003, Jinder joined forces with fellow singer-songwriter Nick Cull aka Olas.  They toured extensively together and released the album 'The Best of Days Ahead' as Olas & Jinder in April 2004.

Return to Solo work

In 2004, Olas & Jinder amicably parted company and entered the studio to begin recording his debut solo album 'Willow Park', and EP 'The Years of Winter'.  During this time, he toured in support of Martin Grech.

Willow Park

After nine months of recording, 'Willow Park' was released in June 2005.


I'm Alive

Produced by Stephen Darrell Smith, Jinder recorded his second studio album 'I'm Alive' which was released in May 2006.  The album was a country, folk-influenced, Americana showcase.  Jinder established his own record label - Din of Ecstasy.

The Mercurymen

Following the sessions for 'I'm Alive' Jinder joined forces with Gavin Wyatt and Simon Johnson to form The Mercurymen.


Twenty Four Hours

In early 2007, Jinder released his third solo effort, which was written, recorded, packaged, pressed and released within one day. 

The Three EPs

2007 also saw the limited-edition release of 'The Three EPs' - a compilation of Jinder's first three EP releases: 'The Dusty Roads' from 2001, 'Road: Live'  from 2004, and 'Years of Winter'  from 2005.

'The Keep Me In Your Heart EP' - The Mercurymen's debut release.

2008 - 2009

The Mercurymen were signed by Sony BMG and began working on their debut album 'Postcards From Valonia' which was scheduled for release in 2009.

January 2009 saw Jinder return to the studio to record his next solo album 'Nine Cents from Benelux; released on his own label, and toured during the late summer of 2009.  The release was his most successful so far.

Due to the credit crunch, Sony BMG dropped several acts, so the release of 'Postcards from Valonia' never came about.  After an extensive tour of just under 150 shows supporting Deacon Blue, Melody Gardot, and Level 42, with a small venue headline tour during the summer, The Mercurymen departed Sony BMG and parted ways.

2010 - 2012

Jinder spent this time writing the follow up album to 'Nine Cents from Benelux' - his eighth album 'Crumbs of Comfort' to be released through Universal mid 2012.  Artistically and critically, 'Crumbs of Comfort' was a resounding success but sold poorly upon release.  2012 was the first year in his career without a major tour.  During Jinder's sabbatical, the album gained momentum, and in the four years following its release, became his best-selling solo release.  'Crumbs of Comfort' features Jinder's most well known and evergreen song 'Keep Me In Your Heart' which has been recorded by many other artists and is a prominent feature of British movie 'Fishermen's Friends'.


A brief reform of The Mercurymen to play a six-date reunion tour, which was sold out across the UK.

2014 - 2015

The first ever Jinder album recorded to tape, 'Traditional Dark' was entirely self produced and recorded all vocals and instruments on the album himself, with drums provided by Ryan Halsey.

In October 2015, Jinders' label digitally rereleased his entire back catalogue in deluxe-edition format.  All records were digitally remastered and feature over fifty bonus tracks, previously unheard, including lost album 'Brother Flower: The Songs of Townes Van Zandt'.

2016 - 2018

Late 2016, Jinder announced a Christmas single 'Pictures of Adolf Again" - a Bill Fay cover.  

He also announced the upcoming release of 'Jinder Presents KINGSIZE BLACKFOOT' - a blues and roots exposition album of five classic Americana songs and five original compositions, with the first single release as 'Brother Can You Spare a Dime?' in mid 2017.

In 2018, Jinder's best-known song 'Keep Me In Your Heart' was re-recorded in collaboration with producer The Atlas, and featured in British film 'Fisherman's Friends' released the following year.

2019 - 2023

During the summer of 2019, Jinder announced his eleventh album 'The Silver Age' in collaboration with producer Pete Millson.  The album was made after a highly successful crowdfunding campaign.  First single release 'Overthinker's Anonymous'  peaked at No.14 in the UK download charts for iTunes.  Despite Covid-19 halting the tour and thwarting promotional opportunities, 'The Silver Age' has been one of Jinder's most well received albums.

Pushing on through the pandemic, Jinder and Pete Millson went straight back into their separate home studios to create a musical document of the worlds' crisis, making a ten song album named 'Almanac for the Failing Days' - some of which was premiered during Jinder's Live-streamed concerts during the spring of 2020, and was again brought to completion by another crowdfunded campaign. 

2021 saw some creative rest for the artist, not only due to the pandemic, but when his health took a major downturn with a long recovery - but Jinder returned fighting fit in 2022 and began in earnest working on his thirteenth album 'Codetta'.

Upon another successful crowdfunder, and working again with Pete Millson, Jinder released 'Codetta' in June 2023 with an extensive tour throughout the year.  Jinder is set to begin studio work on his next album.

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