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JINDER is a 36yr old songwriter, storyteller and international touring musician based in the UK's pastoral Westcountry. Following the lo-fi folk noir of 2015's critically acclaimed LP 'Traditional Dark', his tenth album 'Presents...KINGSIZE BLACKFOOT' (released on 17th July 2017) is an intense and joyful exploration of American blues and roots music, drenched in gutbucket Delta blues slide guitar, Bluegrass from the heart of Appalachia, Louisiana murder ballads, Country Blues and even an impassioned update of Yip Harburg and Jay Gorney's Depression-era anthem 'Brother Can You Spare A Dime', released in May as the first single from the album.


'Presents...KINGSIZE BLACKFOOT' revisits, in part, the searing resonator guitars and Americana fascination of Jinder's 2006 opus 'I'm Alive', but with greater depth of field and scope of vision. Songs such as 'Up On The Edge' and 'Woke Up This Morning' stomp along with fiery energy, 'In The Pines' and 'Come Home To The Blues' are ghostly elegies, and punchy instrumental opener 'Great Plains' even marries '80s Hip Hop's signature drum machine, the legendary Roland TR-808, to raucous blues slide guitar with startlingly effective results.


Since 2001’s debut release ‘The Dusty Roads EP’, Jinder has carved a reputation as a craftsmanlike songwriter and dynamic live performer, counting amongst his fans the likes of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, country rocker Ryan Adams and indie pop colossi Coldplay, who were so enamoured of Jinder’s early work that they flew him to New York City in 2003 to provide the entertainment at their Madison Square Garden aftershow party.


Stints as frontman of Sony BMG artists The Mercurymen and a solo deal with Universal Records followed, and the years from 2004 to 2012 saw Jinder release a number of critically acclaimed albums such as The Best Of Days Ahead, Willow Park, I'm Alive, Twenty Four Hours, Have Yourself A Jinder Little Christmas,  Postcards From Valonia, Nine Cents From Benelux and Crumbs Of Comfort.


After the release of 2012's much loved 'Crumbs Of Comfort', Jinder took three years to sculpt the songs for his next album, which eventually became 2015's 'Traditional Dark', a bleak, idiosyncratic and lo-fi treatise on love, death and hope which sounded like nothing else released that year.


The end of 2015 saw an extensive reissue campaign of Jinder's back catalogue, all digitally remastered for streaming and download with lashings of previously unreleased bonus tracks and a new album ('Brother Flower') featuring ten sensitively rendered versions of songs written by legendary Texan songwriter Townes Van Zandt and reinterpreted by Jinder.


Other than a highly successful Spring tour, 2016 was largely spent in seclusion, writing and working on various projects. An unexpected Christmas single, an idiosyncratic reading of Bill Fay's 'Pictures Of Adolf Again', was released in early December and, thanks to striking a chord with certain folks in the immediately post-Trump election mailaise, became Jinder's best selling solo single to date, narrowly missing the UK charts and receiving many plaudits from listeners around the world.


in February of 2017, Jinder announced the forthcoming release of his tenth album, 'Jinder Presents...KINGSIZE BLACKFOOT', which was subsequently released in July 2017. The album was preceded a single release, 'Brother Can You Spare A Dime', on 22nd May 2017.


If you buy one blues/roots album this year, make it 'Jinder Presents...KINGSIZE BLACKFOOT'